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High Purity Filters


ARM’s series of in-line gas filters are available in stainless steel, Nickel and PTFE/PFA membranes to meet the demanding needs of many applications including, semiconductor, gas cabinets, specialty gas mixing, and process tool gas panels.



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Features & Benefits


     • Flow rates to 150.0 slpm

     • Low pressure drop

     • Bakeable (stainless and


     • 316L stainless HP & UHP


     • Pressure to 20.5 MPa

     • 9 log particle retention

     • 99.9999999% removal of

       0.003mm and larger particles

     • <1 particle/ft3, <10 PPB

       THC , and <10 PPB moisture



     • Sub-micron particle filtration

     • Factory preconditioning

     • Variety of inlet / outlet


     • High pressures to 3000 PSIG

     • High bulk flow rates




ARM Inc point-of-use particle filters



     • Inert and corrosive gases

     • Analytical equipment

     • Semiconductor processing


     • Pharmaceutical production


ARM Inc point-of-use particle filtration products

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